Megapolis Invest is a highly esteemed investment banking firm focused on the small to mid-cap markets. For our activity, we have been committed to leveraging our capital markets capabilities to aid our clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives. We've built our firm on long term relationships and enduring values, establishing a national reputation for vision, integrity and innovation.

The financial services industry is rapidly changing. With increased competition, more knowledgeable customers, and an ever changing environment of product providers; knowing your customers actual financial situation is more critical now than ever.

We help you to determine each customer's financial goals, and then develop plans to achieve these goals.

We constantly monitor the markets and the economy and assess how changes in finances can affect the taxes and situations of customers.

Our product and services are summarised as follows:

  • Analysis of financial indicators
  • Risk management
  • Development of investment policy
  • Comparative analysis of financial indicators
  • Design of financial presentations of the company
  • Debt Reduction Planning
  • Determination of financial goals


To ensure that your investments are always profitable, you can transfer them to management professionals who will help you do all the necessary operations and avoid all the difficulties that arise on the way to the goal.

Our investment management policy is modeled step by step and a strategy is developed for each of our clients.

  • Analysis of the state of financial investment in the previous period
  • Determination of the volume of financial investment in the forthcoming period
  • Choice of forms of financial investment
  • Evaluation of investment quality of certain financial instruments
  • Formation of a portfolio of financial investments
  • Operational management of the portfolio of financial investments

For the average consumer, the choice of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds is complicated, so you can use the advice financial experts of MEGAPOMEGAPOLIS INVEST Group s.r.o.


The use of new technologies such as crypto-currency and Blockchain requires certain knowledge to create effective software. Today, crypto-payments are an integral part of the business.

Since there are different ways of processing funds and payments, we will help you choose a method that is ideal for you.

Our services in FinTech:

  • Creation of effective and protected systems based on Blockchain, which meet all the requirements of international and local standards systems;
  • Management of crypto assets;
  • Personal consultations;
  • Cyber-Security;
  • Monitoring and providing analytical data on Blockchain / Bitcoin projects;

Choose us and our team will provide the optimal result for the long-term success of your business.

We provide cutting edge consultative services to work

We help to determine what financial processes are necessary for outsourcing and choose the outsourcing supplier.

Create effective management mechanisms. As a company with experience in outsourcing consulting, we also invest in new products and markets.

Financial services helps executives, financial directors and supervisors in optimizing the structure of their financial functions to repay debt or undertake strategic initiatives.

We also offer various types of investments and analyze them.

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